2019 F1 Racing Review

The F1 2019 season is considered the season of new records set both on the track and in the pitlane area. In 2020, the focus of F1 will be Vietnam.

The epic battle at Hungaroring

In the next race in Hungary, the audience witnessed chases between Max Verstappen (Red Bull racing team) and Lewish Hamilton (Mercedes racing team). Although Hamilton’s Mercedes-AMG F1 W10 EQ Power + has a speed advantage, Verstappen makes good use of the chaotic traffic situations on the track and DRS sections to keep the British driver behind.

However, after entering the tire changing pit, Lewish Hamilton gradually created many opportunities to overcome Max Verstappen. Until there were 4 more rounds to finish the race, Hamilton had a successful breakthrough over Verstappen in the cheers of the fans. This is considered one of the modern classic battles in the F1 race.

Shocking contract exchanged F1 riders between Red Bull and Toro Rosso

While teammate Max Verstappen kept bringing the score to the racing team for the first half of the season, Pierre Gasly struggled on the RB15. The best achievement Gasly has achieved is finishing in 4th place in the British GP stage. The Red Bull racing team made a shocking decision, moved Gasly to compete in the Toro Rosso team, and brought Alexander Albon to replace Gasly’s position.

Alexander Albon’s  performance at the Belgian GP stage

Must start in 17th place because the engine violation does not make this Thai driver give up. Alexander Albon (Red Bull team) had a dramatic match when it surpassed driver Daniel Ricciardo (Renault team) in the 34th round. At the end of the stage, Alexander Albon finished in 9th place and the way The leader was Charles Leclerc to 109.16 seconds.

Continuously set a new record for tire change times

At the British GP stage in July, the Red Bull racing team replaced 4 tires on Gasly’s RB15 in just 1.91 seconds. This event not only caught the attention of F1 enthusiasts, it also surprised the pagans with the millisecond precision of the Red Bull racing team. But it did not stop there, Red Bull was even more surprised when it shortened the time to change the tire to only 1.82 seconds at the Brazil GP stage. This is the fourth time in F1 2019 season that the Red Bull racing team set a record for the fastest tire change time. Following the success in Brazil GP, the Red Bull racing team even brought the RB15 into space to perform the first phase of changing F1 tires on Earth.

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