4-Year-Old Racing Prodigy

Mateo Garcia Patiño is only 4 years old. However, he started racing two years ago and is expected to become the youngest champion in Latin America.

Mateo is the son of Pepe Garcia, a Mexican racing athlete who has been participating in National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) races for over 12 years. The boy was born by IVF after Pepe and his wife tried to have children.

From a young age, Mateo was taught by his dad racing skills and started racing motorcycles and small cars at the age of 2. He started driving when he was only 2 years and 8 months old. And since then, Matteo trained twice a week with the help and support of his father. In August, Mateo finished third in a race and continued to hold the record two months later before his 4-year-old birthday on 7/11.

A fan of Formula 1 champions Charles Leclerc and Daniel Ricciardo, Mateo is proud to own a driving license issued by the Mexican International Motor Sport Federation.

Coach Jose Luis Martinez said they had to see it as a game so he could easily absorb and understand the instructions. They always sit down to talk before any race to help the boy concentrate to go on the prescribed track.

In addition to practicing racing, Mateo takes classes at 8am at a local private school and learns to swim twice a week, even doing yoga. He also likes listening to jazz, learning piano and drum.

In addition to his father, Matteo also receives the support of many instructors, and professional motorbike and racing teams, who help him develop the innate ability that was discovered early in life. very small. Mateo dreamed of joining a professional career at the national level like his father. And although Matteo is still too young to play at that level, there is no difficulty stopping him from winning trophies in future tournaments.

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