Best Moment in Racing: The qualifying at Charlotte the second race in 1997. Because I was watching from an owners skybox.
Worst Moment in Racing: When Dale Earnhardt Sr was killed. It was surreal. I just couldn’t believe it.
Favorite Movie: Steel Magnolias… Being a southern girl, it really pulls at my heartstrings.
Favorite TV Show: Andy Griffith—Again, it’s a southern thing. He always reminded me of my own Dad.
Favorite Food: Absolutely PASTA! I love pasta in almost any combination as long as it’s tomato sauce. Second would be desert, anything with apples and ice cream or cheesecake tops that list.
Favorite Music: Country music because I can really sing along. The rock songs are just out of my range and I love to sing with the radio.
Best Part of My Job: People. I love talking to people and meeting new people. I am just friendly by nature and everyone is generally very nice to me.
Toughest Part of My Job: Facing conflict. I don’t like going against the grain but when it’s something I feel strongly about, I have to swallow hard and make it known. But it’s still a very tough thing for me to do.
Personality Trait I Admire In People: Being able to give of themselves. When my Dad was sick and dying, he had nurses from hospice. Even though their time with my family was short, they made us feel like we were the most important thing to them. I admire that.
Personality Trait I Dislike In People: Dishonesty. I always assume everyone is as honest and sincere as I am. When I find out they aren’t, it really hurts.
Where You’d Like To Be In Five Years: I would like to be touring the country helping people with their careers and their personal lives. I have so much to give and I want to work on creating those opportunities to share my knowledge and experiences with everyone I meet


Best Moment in Racing: Setting three NHRA national records with three different cars on the same day at Indy.
Worst Moment in Racing: Putting up with the politics of a Nascar shop.
Favorite Movie: The Matrix
Favorite TV Show: Cable News and Tech TV
Favorite Food: Japanese Steak House
Favorite Music: Just about anything, from Led Zeppelin to Enya, currently the jazz of Larry Carlton.
Best Part of My Job: Not having one.
Toughest Part of My Job (Business): Not being able to work on it 24hrs a day.
Personality Trait I Admire In People: Action – Someone who accomplishes.
Personality Trait I Dislike In People: Victimitis – The disease of thinking someone else is to blame for how your life turned out.
Where You’d Like To Be In Five Years: In business with my step-daughter.