Another Loss Adverted at South Boston Speedway

While NASCAR is known for the high-speed fun, friendly competition, and customizable cars – sometimes not everything is safe and enjoyable. Contrary to the popular sport that has gained fans nationwide and internationally, NASCAR drivers can put themselves at risk while driving nearly 200 mph on the circular race track.

During the South Boston Speedway that was hosted in Virginia during Father’s Day weekend, one driver who was representing in a vibrant yellow NASCAR Late Model 100, suddenly spun out of control and burst into flames. While the other cars began to slow down and pass the burning car carefully, one heroic father jumped the walls on the stands before rushing to save his son from the car.

Shockingly, the father reached his son before the rescue crews could and begun to pull him out of the ruined car. Dean Jones, the father of Mike Jones, simply stated that nothing else mattered other than getting his son to safety and saving him.

Many are claiming this dad to be the hero of Father’s Day as his son was pulled out before he experienced any serious injuries due to the fire. Along with the reposts, there is a video circulating around which featured a view seconds of the car slowly bursting into flames before it stopped – along with Dean Jones hurrying across the race track to save his son.

What is the South Boston Speedway

The South Boston Speedway, also shortened to SoBo, is a racetrack that is located outside of South Boston, Virginia. While other races to take place on the track seasonally, it is most noticeably known for being the host to one of NASCAR’s many events along with the USAE ProCup Racing Series. It should be noted that the Speedway stays in usage nearly year around as it usually opens on March 24th and closes for the year on November 3rd.

Along with the near year-long usages, this track is host to an array of daytime and nighttime races where a pleather of drivers is featured. Many of the drivers come from the different NASCAR series: Sprint, Xfinity, Camping World, Late Models, Limited Sportsman, Budweiser Pure Stocks, Modifiers, and the Hornets. This year the news surrounding this race has been livelier than the previous races. As mentioned before the nearly fatal accident that happened during Father’s Day weekend was one of the major highlights of the race. Although there have been more positive recaps of the news surrounding the race, such as Jessica Dana taking the first victory despite starting fifth in her second race. Along with the race giving all the visiting dads a loving gift of only having to pay $5 for entrance instead of the usual $10.

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