Dozens of people create F1 racing tire process in seconds

You may not believe it but the change of the tire is complete and the F1 car continues to rush away with tremendous speed in a second.

Time is one of the factors that determines the victory of F1 racing fiercely. Therefore, all steps from preparing, starting or changing tires, troubleshooting car problems are calculated so that the most optimized. And few people know that F1 tires change only takes place in one second.
Specifically, the tire replacement period is especially important for each racing team. They need to calculate which tires should be replaced in order to not lose the advantage on the track, and not violate the rules. More importantly, the shorter this period, the more dominant.
One of the record set on this F1 track is the British F1 team Williams has made a record pit stop in just 1.89 seconds at the European Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Of course, to do this is not easy, it needs to have a team of 22 supporters. There will be three workers waiting with each tire in hand. When the vehicle is in position, it will be lifted by a hydraulic lift, while the other two members will balance the sides of the vehicle.

A person will use a pneumatic screwdriver to remove the wheel nut. The torque of these guns is very strong, when used in the wrong way can lead to terrible injuries.

After that, the wheel will be removed quickly. Other car drivers will attach new wheels and the person holding the gun tightens the belt immediately. The mechanic will check carefully to make sure everything is okay. Eventually, this person will signal the fleet and the car will be lowered and calibrated to leave.

However, it is impossible to mention the skill of the driver in this process. He will be the driver of the car to pull into a small stop lane, right before the price lifting at about 60km / h. More importantly, with such speed, but not crashing into the waiting car mechanic. Right now, the accuracy clearly shows the driver’s skill as well as skill.

Today all these things take place within a few seconds, but in the early times when the new F1 race appeared, it was quite slow.

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