Evaluating the Sports Betting Around the Globe

There is a lot of excitement under sports enthusiast since every US state is now eligible to provide sports betting, it is also the perfect time to look at sports betting legality around the globe as well as countries that have legalised gambling to find out more about the impact it had economically and culturally.


In Argentina, sports betting is legal on horse racing only, and gambling on horses go as far back as the late 1800s. A big part of the countries income from gambling revenues derives from the extremely active sports betting industry. It is one of the countries where betting on soccer outcomes are exceptionally popular, and players place sports bets through the national lottery.


When it comes to sports Brazil is another country that is famous for its soccer traditions, although on types of betting including online gambling is banned in the country since 1946. Brazilians still spend an estimated four billion Reais per year by betting at foreign online sports betting sites.


In Ghana, sports betting and all forms of gambling had a huge positive impact on the economy since it provides employment. All sports betting is legal including online and in betting parlours since 1960. While there is an increase in gambling addition under the younger generation, cash-strapped Ghana enjoys a significant boost from advertising with major sports shows sponsored via betting companies.


If you want to make a bet on your favourite team in India, it will all depend on the state you’re in. Gambling forms are selectively permitted, and each state has its own legislation. Most states allow horse racing, casinos and lotteries, online gambling is unregulated while better parlours are illegal, and in India ads on team kits are illegal. Still, an estimated $60 billion is spent on betting.

United Kingdom

Online gambling is legal in the UK, and within just six months after gambling was made legal in 1961, an estimated 10,000 betting parlours and shops opened. Sports betting is legal online, and in betting parlours and the gross gambling, income reached £13.8billion in the period starting April 2016 to March 2017. This is equal to an amount of £208.50 for every woman, child and man in the country. The UK Gambling Commission actively protect vulnerable players and continues to do everything in its power to ensure players enjoy fair gaming experiences.

United States

With the world focused on the Supreme Court ruling that drastically changes the American Sports Betting Laws, most Americans are smiling and plan to place their bets soon. Before the recent change placing sports bets legally was limited to Nevada only, which led to many US citizens taking the online betting route. Yet it is a time of great excitement, and many are highly exciting about the US Supreme Court decision to take down the ban on wagering outside Nevada.

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