F1 Racing – A Sport Challenges The Faint Of Heart

F1 (Formula One) is one of the most popular racing sports in the world. Every year, the races take place around the world, from Australia to Europe, across the Americas, to Asia and in the Middle East.

Launched in 1950, F1 racing is very popular in the world. There are usually 10 to 12 teams involved, sponsored by the world’s leading brands such as Red Bull Racing, Mercedes, Renault, McLaren.

When entering the tournament, each team will have two cars. It is worth mentioning that the teams themselves designed their own F1 car. In addition, motor vehicles are sponsored by the world’s leading brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Renault or Cosworth.

Rules and regulations
Each F1 race car has a maximum time of 2 hours. The scoring system for the riders is as follows: first place is 25 points, second is 18 points, third is 15 points, fourth is 12 points, fifth is 10 points, Friday is 8 points, 6 points, eighth is 4 points, ninth is 2 points and about 10 points 1.

The rest will not score. However, there are schools that can not reach the destination still scores: if in the group of 10 leading vehicles and must complete at least 90% of the road where the winner goes.

Another case is that if the winner (the most traveled car) can not finish, the 10 cars in the top ranking are only half the points.

F1 is a speed sport, so inevitably the case of racetrack in danger or accident occurs.

Then, in case of need, the organizers will give a safety car run out, blocking the F1 cars slowly to ensure safety until the problem is overcome.
F1 cars can be considered as one of the fastest cars in the world with a maximum speed of up to 350 km / h. However, depending on the regulations of the organizers, the F1 race cars can run at speeds from 320 to 350 km / h.

International leagues take place every year from March to November and all over the world from Italy to Germany, from Bahrain to Japan or from the Principality of Monaco.

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