F1 racing: A Thai – Italian Racer Shows Great Performance

Charles Leclerc in Ferrari’s home pressure race transformed the pole advantage, and excellently defeated the Mercedes duo to victory at Monza. This achievement helps Ferrari continue to raise the winning record at an F1 race and bring endless happiness to the fans here.

Classification date

Charles Leclerc has the second pole in two weeks and it helps him balance the pole achievement in 2019. The Monaco driver also helped Ferrari have the 21st pole at Monza in the manufacturer’s 90-year race from Italy.

The main race

Leclerc defended the leading position successfully following both Hamilton and Bottas’ triumph to win the 19th in the history of the race at Monza racetrack, which is currently the record for a winning team at 1.

The Monaco driver won 2 victories in just 7 days. Previously, Bruce McLaren, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Mika Hakkinen and Lewis Hamilton had the first two F1 victories in a succession career.

Bottas benefited from second place after Hamilton pushed Leclerc but failed. Despite the great opportunity with the Medium tire, but the # 77 steering wheel could not overcome, had to accept stepping on podium at Monza for the third consecutive year but still had not been crowned.

As for Hamilton, Monza is the promised land when he won at 4 of the last 6 Italian GP races. With 3rd place in the last race, he has a total of 8 podiums here but this is the first time he finished 3rd place.

Thai-born racer Alex Albon in the second leg of the race for Red Bull continued to finish in the top 6 despite having difficulty in the first round when colliding with Carlos Sainz, but returned to try after that.

Teammate Max Verstappen was even more impressed when he started last, broken the wind from the first bend but reached the 8th goal after 53 laps, which helped Red Bull still have a double scoring stage. Sergio Perez though started the race with Verstappen, but he also made an excellent comeback to finish seventh, which helped him maintain a top 9 finish in the last six Italian GP stages.

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