F1 racing: FIA banned DAS system next season

The idea of the vertical axis control system of the front wheel proposed by Mercedes has made many racing teams unhappy.

DAS (Dual Axis Steering) is a front-axle vertical control system that Mercedes has put into use starting this year’s F1 test runs. This system gives the sore arm an additional choice when entering the front wheel. Meanwhile, the car will become easier to control, have better grip and more balance.

FIA officials allowed DAS to be used this year, as the law on this issue states that the front wheels are only controlled by the driver and under the driver’s control. Mercedes took advantage of the gap in the order to create DAS. This system allows Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to adjust the steering wheel back and forth vertically. Two-way steering wheel turns into three dimensions. DAS is powerless and works entirely on mechanics. DAS has not violated the rules this season. The season is only three weeks before the start of the competition, and teams are unlikely to be able to copy Mercedes’ invention. If not, they can still buy this invention.

However, from 2021, DAS will be banned. The FIA ​​adds that front wheel alignment must take place through a fixed function of the rudder drive. Therefore, this will prohibit the drag or push motion of Mercedes.

The race director, Michael Masi, said they would monitor the teams that could put in their cars and where the boundaries of the rules were drafted for next season. Teams need to assess the purpose and benefits of the system before putting it into their vehicles. Several racing teams have also voiced their opposition to DAS as it may give Mercedes an advantage this season. The German racing team refused to explain the true purpose of the DAS to its cars.

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