Formula One Racing Tickets

Formula One is currently the most prestigious racing car today. The ticket price for competition players is not cheap either. After several years of stable prices, ticket prices for Formula One racing in the world tend to increase recently. The cheapest fare is in Malaysia with an average of 24 USD per seat.

Prices for Formula One in China and Russia are 169 USD and 241 USD respectively, while the most expensive F1 race tickets are in Monaco with 850 USD and Abu Dhabi with 632 USD.

If calculating the total number of F1 races around the world, the most popular fare has also increased by 13.4% between 2016 and 2017. Specifically, the average price has risen to 161 USD. Meanwhile, the best seat at F1 has increased 5.6% to 637 USD. Thus, the average fare per seat at F1 will be around 417 USD.

Currently, most F1 races in the world sell 3 tickets for viewing in 3 days of the race. Specifically, customers can choose to purchase General Admission, Grandstand or Hospitality. This is a ticket with separate walkways and sitting areas, with food and drink and parking.

The price of F1 racing tickets is not cheap. In 2015, the F1 package package price in Singapore ranged from 298 to 1,288 SGD per person. If you buy Early Bird tickets for the next year’s race in Singapore, viewers can get up to 30% discount.

A General Admission ticket in this race is being reduced from 363 USD to 290 USD. The most expensive Hospitality package to see F1 in Singapore is over 5,700 USD. Meanwhile, the cheapest ticket being reduced by 217 USD to 195 USD.

Before stopping hosting F1 racing from 2018, Malaysia has the cheapest fare in the world. A General Admission ticket at this stage in the 2017 season is about 24 USD while the Grandstand ticket is 67 USD.

In 2018, Vietnam officially became the 22nd country in the world to host Formula One Racing. Accordingly, the race is scheduled to take place in April 2020 with a track built over 5.5 km long






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