Formula 1 Racing: Controversy About Grid Girls

The Formula 1 (F1) race again provoked controversy about the hot beautiful girls on duty at the races after the announcement of a Dutch MP, the country will hold a 10-season season next year.

Roy van Aalst who is a Dutch senator speaks directly about the request to bring the racetrack back to F1. He said only a foolish person could see beautiful women as a problem. A Dutch politician who called for a halt to using grid girls in F1 was an example of condescension for women and called on the organizers to immediately put up the beauties. Women return to the next season’s race to take place in his hometown (scheduled for May 14, 2020).

Aalst who is a member of the Liberal Party in the Dutch House of Representatives expressed his hope that the traditional beauties on the prize podium will be available in next year’s tournament in Zandvoort when the Dutch Grand Prix returns in F1 schedule first time after 35 years. Local press quoted Mr. Aalst as emphasizing that the decision the FIA made was a condescending form for women. Grid girls are also associated with F1 like cars.

He thinks that only those who are foolish can see beautiful women as a problem. The rest all love beautiful women. It is part of racing sports. He wanted to make sure that next year, this beautiful tradition will be returned to its former beauty.

Last year, F1 racing and FIA replaced grid girls in every race with a grid kids team in an effort to modernize the sport.

F1 owners omitted the traditional etiquette before the race which is the female model who will accompany the riders to the front of the car. They announced that this rite is no longer in line with modern social norms. This decision has caused fierce controversy when many people believe that there has been gender discrimination, besides losing some of the appeals and reducing the attraction of viewers of the races.

In this year’s tournament, Lewis Hamilton of the Mercedes team continues to dominate after 7 races. Racers are preparing for stage 8 in France on June 23.

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