Formula 1 Red Bull Team’s Road Trip America

After positive discussions, surrounding a 10-year deal for a Miami based US F1 Grand Prix, amongst officials. Red Bull made a resolute decision to, while the F1 circus is on its mid-summer break, grab the holiday bull by it promotional horns and take its world championship winning 2011, V8 race car on an unusual road trip across America.

Red Bull Racing recently kicked off a 4000-mile promotional tour across America. The trip, meant to promote the soon to come Miami F1 Grand Prix, started from San Francisco continuing on a 4178-mile-long route to Miami. Pausing for photo opportunities at several memorable stopovers along the way, the first being San Francisco’s world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. A promotional video depicts multiple F1 race winner Daniel Riccardo start off the opening leg of his journey screaming along the Golden Gate Bridge in Frisco, Cali into the heart of San Francisco’s streets. The video shows Riccardo saying he feels like Steve McQueen as he slides and bounces the car along the same streets McQueen did in Bullitt before exiting the city to make his first pitstop on San Francisco’s other bay spanning bridge (Bay Bridge).

Red Bull RB7

Making his way to the film’s second destination sees the F1 driver and his Red Bull RB7 make their second pitstop in Monument Valley, Utah and at a centre barrier line sticking behind an unsuspecting RV owner before passing said RV owner, putting a smile on his face, as he makes a passing move with the DRS activated. To later in the early evening arrive in the great city of Las Vegas, Nevada, making his way through traffic along the strip in an F1 car WITH ITS LIGHTS ON, long gone are the days of seeing lights on an F1 car!

In Vegas, he first has an encounter with one of its ubiquitous Elvis impersonators together with a couple of newly-weds in front of the famous/infamous “A Little White Wedding Chapel” before a subtle product title plug for Aston Martin the team’s title sponsor as he finally pulls-up in the valet space of the casino. Bringing in a nice added touch of humour when he grabbed his chance at spending the night in the one and only Vegas; before storing the steering wheel in its secure case, he makes a request for a late start and walks away with a naughty smile on his face pretending not to have heard his request denied.

This was the first instalment covering the initial 1339 miles of his 4178-mile jaunt crossing the US in an F1 car. Red Bull and Daniel Riccardo once again made another piece of advertising history the energy drink has become so well known for when they provided the world with the chance of seeing and meeting classic pieces of, the now lost, traditional Route66 Americana. Daniel wearing a Stetson in some of the photo shoots together with his “old” RB7 V8 makes an ideal couple for bouncing and scraping their way across the US. One of the new-fangled turbo-V6s just wouldn’t make the correct sound statement for touring America, home of Nascar’s rasping V8 race motors screaming down the banked oval straights on weekends and big burbling V8s, power cruisin’ down the boulevards.

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