Impressive return from the accident of F1 drivers

F1 is the fierce race that some drivers bet on their lives to win. There are many pitiful accidents that happened, unfortunately. Some of them have escaped death scythes and returned impressively. Let’s find out who they are!

Martin Brundle (England)

The race in Dallas, the United States in 1984, almost robbed the driver of the Tyrrell racing team at that time. After finishing the second finish in Detroit, he was confident of entering the second race in the US but an incident on the day of the class took everything away.

The sudden tire explosion caused his car to crash into a hard concrete wall. The front part of the car was crushed and both the ankle and legs of Brundle could not “survive” through the impact too strong. With that situation, the American surgeons all thought that the only way left was amputation. This means Brundle’s career will also end there.

However, he finished 8th in the first race in Brazil and 3 more on Saturday in the year. The injury at Dallas still hurt Brundle until now, but he had a 12-year F1 career and the most outstanding achievement was the World Sportscar in 1988 with Jaguar.

Johnny Herbert (England)

The steering wheel is picked up by top racing teams such as Ferrari, Williams or Benetton. However, a catastrophic accident at Brands Hatch racing school made his big dream fall out of reach.

In the competition with rival Gregor Foitek, the previous part of Herbert’s car collided with the retaining wall and flew over the track and had the second strongest impact. The accident was similar to Brundle’s but Herbert only suffered a few Stretch marks on the lower legs, ankles and feet.

Although he spent several months recovering to be able to race again, Benetton still believed in Herbert’s talent while others did not. The adventurous team signed the first part of 1989 with the British driver. Take 7 months after the accident while he still had to fight crutches on the move. However, Johnny did not let everyone down when he finished fourth in Rio and once again reached the top 5 in Phoenix, the 5th race. The result that he won was indeed a remarkable feat in F1 history.

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