Japanese Brake-Free Motorcycle Racing

The speed-tested cars on the oval track without brakes have created an extremely dramatic and exciting race. Apart from that, viewers can also bet on who wins.

In a summer day in May, at Kawaguchi racetrack in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, Peter von Gomm, a foreigner broke into almost every corner to learn about the special racing style. Peter is an American voice actor currently living in Japan and often makes car discovery videos in this country.

The race car called Auto Race is a version of the speedway race that dates back to 1923. It features a non-brake motorbike, a two-speed gearbox, and an oval race track. Racers will take 6 rounds of competition. All motorcycles use a parallel two-cylinder Suzuki AR600 engine for a capacity of 59 hp and 61 Nm of torque. Their speed is about 145 kilometers per hour.

With 6 laps of a race with each 500 m round, motorbikes need to lose as much weight as possible. The car has no start button. Therefore, the driver will have to push the car to start the engine. The fuel tank is very small and only contains 1.9 liters. Motorbikes also have no watches as well as gearbox only two levels.

Since running on a smooth and flat road surface, the telescope has nothing but a spring. The rear part does not even have a suspension. Another special feature is the high side driver’s steering wheel but will become straight when tilting the cornering car.

The indispensable part of the race is the audience with a lot of older people. The audience not only came to watch but also bet who will win. This has created an attraction that attracts many audiences. Moreover, racers also adhere to strict regulations that live in a dormitory-like place. Besides, they are almost out of contact with other people living outside.

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