Juju Noda – the youngest F1 car racer in history

Physical training sports are hobbies and passion of many people, both male and female. However, high-risk sports seem like only men have a “liver” to complete the race. But Japanese girl, 11 years old, Juju Noda is the first child car racer in the world to drive a standard Formula 1 FIA racing car.

Professional Formula 1 racing cars are often the playground of male car drivers with many years of experience. But in the age of feminism, we witnessed the presence of pink shadows in dangerous disciplines, which are reserved for men more and more. Just recently, an elementary school girl’s participation in a professional Formula 1 racing car attracted a lot of public interest. So who is this girl? Let’s learn through the following article.

Juju Noda (11 years old) is considered the first child car racer in the world to participate in the Formula 1 FIA racing car. She is the youngest athlete to sign a professional racing contract with special privileges. But she is still not old enough to join the track until she is 16 years old.

Local tournament commentators commented that her talent was extraordinary and rare. So what about her makes others curious and interested. Therefore, when asked what her future goal is, Juju did not hesitate and immediately replied: “I want to win F1 racing (Formula 1) and be the first girl to do it. that”.

Maybe Juju’s talent and speed of passion inherited from his father, Mr. Hideki Noda. Her father is also an F1 driver, discovered and encouraged by the girl very early, he helped her to participate and break the record of Formula 4 racing at Okayama International Racecourse with time. is 1 minute 32.8 seconds, in U17 category.
In the unofficial F4 race in the recent U17 category, Juju defeated two other riders older than her. But things were only at the beginning when her father wanted her to continue her natural talent at a higher level, racing cars F3 (Formula 3) at the end of 2017. Naturally, to raise a level Higher requires Juju to work harder.

Mother Juju, Masae Noda, said: “Because she was well versed in Formula 4 racing and set up this lap record in Okayama. It’s time for her to get to Formula 3 cars. But I think she’ll have to focus on active training because the F3 car requires more strength and stamina because of its faster speed and higher G force. “.

Although there are remarkable achievements, Juju is not complacent and continues to focus on his path. The idol and rival she always wanted to compete with was Lance Stroll – an 18-year-old Canadian F1 driver. Stroll athletes are champions F4 and F3 before reaching the current F1 champion. And that’s the way that Juju is right for her to pursue.

For Juju, she not only wanted to become the first Japanese woman to join the F1 track, but also the first woman to win. Although there are natural talents, advice from father and sponsorship, but the path to that position for her will be very difficult. Like her father said, “Even if you lose, you should never give up.” And that is also the living motto of Juju motorcyclist.

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