Mercedes and the Formula 1 race together invested money in Esports

With the rapid growth of esports, it is not uncommon for more and more investment to pay attention to this lucrative and potential market.

Although it is only emerging in recent times, but the boom of e-sports worldwide has made many investors pay attention to this piece of cake. For example, drink brands, television stations, hardware production or even famous football clubs are gradually attracted by this emerging department. And yet, now even the famous supercar brand in the world is Mercedes Benz also jumped into this potential market.
More specifically, Mercedes Benz has recently joined hands with ESL (the world’s leading e-sports company). And the first tournament to be invested is ESL One Hamburg 2017 – Dota 2 tournament of Major Games with prize value of up to 1 million Euro.

According to Jens Thiemer, vice president of marketing for Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, he said that he has watched the growth of eSports for a long time, and this is the time for them to concentrate. invest in this market. Of course, through that, he also wants his company to accompany the development of eSports through this partnership with ESL.

Perhaps hearing the name Mercedes desires to invest in eSports is surprising enough, the next news is startling. It is the Formula 1 racing car (F1) for car manufacturers who will also invest in this fledgling market. Accordingly, they will launch a tournament series exclusively for eSports and will be held in November.

And this time their partner is the developer of Codemasters game (the father of the famous F1 racing series since 2009 until now), with Gfinity organization specializing in eSports tournament to create professional tournaments. for F1 game 2017.

Qualifying rounds will take place within 1 month, and select about 40 đua riders ’to enter the semifinals. Next, two semifinals (20 riders per day) will be held at London’s Gfinity Arena on September 10 and 11 and then select the best players to enter the final. In the semi-finals of F1 2017, the same applies to the Formula 1 tournament in real life, which is the top 10 riders who will win points and go straight to the next round.

Sean Bratches said that this tournament is one of the great opportunities to reach out to fans in a completely new way. Of course, with the co-operation of Codemasters and Gfinity, they will surely make this tournament more and more complete and provide an extremely interesting and exciting experience for their fans.

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