Radio Controlled Racing Grand Rapids, MI

DON: I try to learn something from every event I attend. What caught me at this race was how organized some of the racers were – they had bins for all the different chassis components. I don’t think it’s possible to be too organized when it comes to race day. I hope to attend a radio controlled race in the future when I have more time. Looks like great fun for kids. At the very least it will get them out of the house – a tough job.

BRIAN (Guest Photographer): On the way to the ASA race at the Berlin Raceway, Don and I passed Riders Hobby Shop in Grand Rapids and saw a radio control car race in progress in the parking lot. We decided to check it out as we had some extra time. Glad we did! This is the first radio control car race I have attended and let me tell you, these racers are just as serious as any other type of racer. I was really impressed. The cars have be tuned, adjusted and maintained similar to “full size” racing. Plus they literally require a trunk load of spar parts / support equipment. I can see this in my future with my son, Bradley, who is currently 16 months old.

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