Russian GP racing F1: Determined to protect the throne in Sochi

Sochi race in Russia will be the next stop of F1 races after the Singapore GP race last weekend. Ferrari did something that surprised fans when they had their first 1-2 victory at the Marina Bay Circuit since Singapore GP was put into the F1 system system starting in 2008.

The victory in Singapore GP 2019 is the 3rd consecutive victory of the team from Italy Calculating from the second phase of the kick-off season. It was also Vettel’s first victory in the 2019 season after 392 days without knowing the winning taste since the Belgium race in 2018.

Vettel’s victory is particularly important in the current period of the season, which adds to the confidence of Ferrari as well as their four-time world-class steering wheel. Ferrari’s 3 successive victories prove that they have returned to their design trajectories with increasingly efficient upgrades, the car’s compression has been improved significantly on many different types of racing tracks. more important than that, it proves that Mercedes is not invincible at the moment.

In addition to technical factors, Ferrari’s tactical team has also improved significantly. They made the correct and timely decision to put their steering wheel in the most favorable situation possible, the most evident demonstration of the 1-2 victory in the past week in Singapore.

Speaking of Ferrari’s latest victory, it was well deserved for Vettel in a day of intense determination. With a lap that can be called “god” after getting out of the pitstop to rise to the top position although his tire change time is more than other riders and before that he was only ranked in second place. 3.

There is a bit of complaint from young Ferrari driver Leclerc who thinks that Ferrari was unfair to put Vettel in the pitstop first. However, it must be acknowledged that at that time they could not do otherwise when the risk of Verstappen (4th runner-up) took the position and could not shorten the distance with Hamilton who ranked 2nd behind Leclerc first. when racing teams make turns to change their tires.

In Singapore GP, Mercedes was completely passive in front of its rivals, they responded slowly to the happenings on the run and the results of both Mercedes steering wheel only came in 4th and 5th place after the race ended. 3 consecutive defeats to Ferrari is really impossible to swallow when before that in every race they always take the initiative in their play.

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