Tasmanian Supercar Tour

If you are looking to reignite the love you felt when going on long adventurous drives as you escape the cities on weekends, then you might want to consider the Tasmanian Supercar Tour.

Tasmania is a premier driving destination in Australia, and one anyone with a love of driving should not miss. The tour will take through the picturesque state on roads that offer natural environments, diverse dining options, and world-class accommodation. The only thing you need to bring is your car, and you will be off on an adventure that is both thrilling, unique and one that will well worth the three days away from the norm.

Tasmanian Driving Tour Highlights

The tour includes some superb highlights that will bring back memories from the past and create many new ones along the way. Your excursion will start when you connect with other car enthusiasts as you speed along the roads at the wheel of your supercar and experience what these roads were designed for.

You will be able to sit back and enjoy the incredible scenery that makes up Tasmania. This includes rolling pastures, rugged mountains and of course, the gorgeous coastline. You will enjoy pit stops at the Museum of Modern Art, which is internationally renowned and often referred to as an adult Disneyland.

In the evenings you will enjoy luxurious treatment as a variety of hotels. One of those is the MACq 01 and another the Saffire Freycine. The MACq 01 is one of the newest waterfront residence in Hobart, one of the many towns you will stop in. When at the Saffire, enjoy exquisite 5-star cuisine and then make your way over to the Museum of Modern Art for a tour of the gallery.

What’s included?

A five day guided tour of Tasmania that includes four nights and three days of driving. On hand will be experienced guides to help with navigation and instruction using two-way in-car communication systems. Each morning you will be treated to a gourmet breakfast, and lunch will also join the menu as you make your way through the roads to your daily destinations.

Also included is a private lunch at the Twamley Farm with fresh seafood, lunch at the Nant Distillery’s Atrium Restaurant as well as a tour of the tour of the estate. All luggage transportation is included as well.

To register for this tour, contact your travel agent and get signed up. Space is limited, so early booking is recommended.

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