Tips While on the Road from Professional Drivers

There are many who hit the road in search of adventure. However, many are new to the idea and the romance of what is around the next bend, yet being unprepared can ruin what should be a trip of a lifetime. Professional drivers know the ropes, they understand the best places to eat, where best to gas up and special routes that give you more value for the time invested. Before heading out on your next road trip, here is a few tips from the pro’s to help you get more bang for your buck.

1. Make Sure your Vehicle is ready for the long road in front

This is a critical part of preparing for a long road trip, especially if going on one that will take you thousands of miles into a variety of terrains. Make sure to get your car tuned up, get your tires checked and replace if needed, top up your fluids, get an oil change and make sure you have a roadside kit in case of emergencies.

2. Eat local

When on the road, hitting the major restaurant chains can be convenient, but not the best way to get an idea of the local fair that is available. Hit local restaurants as this helps support the local communities but you might also learn of a few special places not on maps that will lead to some cool adventures off the beaten path.

3. Don’t let your phone go dead

Always make sure your phone is charged. While driving make sure to keep your battery charged as you never know what can happen. Breakdowns are a reality and being unprepared is not only a safety risk but is not smart. Consider purchasing a solar phone charger as a backup in case you are stranded.

4. Hit the back roads once in awhile

Sticking to the interstates is a fast way to get from point A to point B, but doing so means you miss out of some great scenery. Consider taking the back roads when safe to do so (only during the day). Make sure you use your GPS to avoid getting lost – in doing so, you might discover a few things you didn’t expect along the way.

5. Keep track of storms using mobile apps

Use apps to monitor the weather and always plan around it. If a big storm is called for in a few days, you can plan accordingly, book a hotel in advance of the rush, or chose a route that will by-pass the storm and allow you to keep on motoring.

6. Use the facilities when getting gas

Always take the extra few minutes to hit the restroom when getting gas. There is nothing worse than getting back on the road and needing to stop again to use the bathroom. Even if you do not feel the need, give it a shot – worse case you could end up at the side of the road, and that is never a fun time as cars whip along as you relieve yourself.

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