Want to see F1 racing, here are the basics you need to know

Few things to know about F1

Formula One – racing car was named the fastest sports on the planet and was initiated in 1950. Every season The tournament lasts for 1 year, similar to the national football championships and includes 10 teams, each with 2 participating vehicles. The veteran teams include McLaren, Ferrari, Redbull Racing, Mercedes, …

As the most prestigious racing car on the planet, not only the teams, F1 also brings together hundreds of sponsors from all over the world. Although there are 10 teams competing, there are only 4 leading brands providing engines including Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Renault.

It is known that the budget of each team for the F1 tournament to compete with each other is extremely large, about 100 million and sometimes up to 500 million US dollars / year. According to statistics, only the research on motor vehicle development costs an average of 125 to 225 million USD per season, so this is considered the most expensive sport today.

A race is limited to 2 hours, divided into several rounds (depending on the track). If the driver does not return to the destination within 2 hours due to any reason, the DNF (Did not finish) error is counted.

In case of necessity (for example, an accident, a dangerous race …), the organizers will put the safety car on the track to warn F1 cars to slow down slowly. Safety car only leaves the track when the problem is fixed

Structure of points: The first person will get 25 points, the second is 18 points, the third is 15 points, the second is 12 points, the fifth is 10 points, the sixth is 8 points, the 7th is 6 points, the 8th is 4 points, 9 points get 2 points and 10 points get 1 point. In the 2019 season, any driver who has successfully completed the fastest lap will earn 1 point. The remaining vehicles will not receive points.

In the event that the vehicles cannot reach the finish line, they can still be counted, if there are in the above 10 rankings, and must complete at least 90% of the road that the winner wins.

If the winner (which is the car with the most rounds) cannot reach the destination, the above 10 rankings will only get half of the points.

In the race, vehicles can enter the technical area (Pit-stop) to change tires. Pit-stop entry time is extremely fast, in about 2 seconds. The current world record belongs to Williams with a time of 1.89 seconds.

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