What Cars Are Used in F1?

To ensure safety and stability for each F1 race, in addition to racing cars with high speed, there are many other types of support vehicles.

Safety Car

In motorsport, safety vehicles are used to signal slowdowns for racing vehicles in the event of an accident, obstacle or bad weather. The purpose of a safe vehicle is to facilitate clearing obstacles or waiting for improved weather conditions.

During this time, the safe vehicle will enter the course above the driver ahead and will lead the team at a predetermined speed. Drivers are not allowed to pass safely or other vehicles at this time. After the situation is resolved, the safety car leaves the track and the cars return to the track.

Course Car

This vehicle is used to drive around the track before the start of the race, with flashing red beacons to alert volunteers / executives that the track is being closed to prepare for the race and People must return to their positions after the safety fence.

The vehicle will then appear after each lap, with a flashing green beacon, a safety signal to allow maintenance or repair personnel to enter the track.

Medical Intervention Car

High-speed cars transport doctors and medical personnel quickly to the point of impact. Whenever racing cars are present on the track, medical intervention vehicles are also present in the Pit Lane area with the engine running, ready to start at any time.


The vehicle is used to transport injured riders or specialists to the Health Center or to designated hospitals when collisions occur.

Extrication Car

Vehicles used to transport experts and specialized equipment for the rescue of riders from racing cars in the event of a collision.

Fire Vehicle

Specialized vehicles to transport professionals and fire vehicles to handle fire cases on the track.

Mobile Crane

4-wheel mobile cranes are fitted with special lifting accessories to lift and move the racing car off the road.

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